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Men’s Wedding Rings at Hoover’s Jewelers in Kearney, NE



-Is Lightweight so adjusting to a ring is easier

-Is an Aerospace grade alloy which is the strongest metallic element by weight

-Metal is Hypoallergenic, which is great for people with metal allergies

-There are many options for setting, including tension setting

-Has great metal memory and strength so there is no special care

-Can be worn in all kinds of environments and conditions therefore making it more wearable

-Because titanium is scratch resistant and may show wear and tear over time, we recommend periodic cleaning and polishing

-Must be cut in 2 places on opposing sides to remove from finger because of it’s strength


Black Zirconium:

-Deep black color is available in pure black or two-tone black/silver, which has become the new trend in men.

-Is Hypoallergenic with an unparalleled chemical resistance

-Diamonds and gemstones can be incorporated to achieve a more modern look.

-Has the most options for design, style, and customization’s

-Subject to scratching, however it is scratch resistant

-Must be cut in 2 places on opposing sides to remove from finger because of it’s strength


Wood Inlay Rings:

-Real exotic hardwood inlays which are new to the jewelry industry

-Rare foreign species including burls and spalted varieties

-Variation between each inlay makes each ring unique

-Sealed for water protection and durability

-Avoid prolonged exposure to water and chemicals


Damascus Steel:

-Two pieces will never look the same.

-Hard and durable metal

-It is forged in the United States by local artists consequently making them unique

-The pattern will be seen and felt as it is actually part of the metal’s structure

-Bezel set gems can be added, therefore you can add your own spin to the design.

-Damascus Steel is not the best choice for those with nickel allergies

-Will eventually scuff and show wear, but the pattern will help hide any flaws

-An electric ring cutter is the only way to remove a ring that gets stuck on the finger



-Cobalt has a natural white color, therefore it will not need refinished.

-Hypoallergenic which makes a great option for those who suffer from nickel allergies.

-Has a weight similar to gold

-Because Cobalt is harder and more durable than precious metals, it makes a great option.

-There are many options to set diamonds and gemstones so you can customize each ring to your liking.