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Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry


Shape is one of the most important aspects to consider when looking at diamonds. When you take a look at the image below, you will notice that there are many shapes of diamonds to choose from. Here at Hoover’s Jewelers, we take much pride in the fact that we are able to carry all of these shapes and even a few more. There is seldom a diamond shape we do not have in stock, but if we don’t have what you are looking for we can get it! Our Graduate Gemologist and owner is happy to over night any diamond you may want to take a look at into the store, so you know you are getting what’s perfect for you, (and your budget!) 


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The Color chart presented below, is a good basic fundamental when it comes to looking at diamonds. Simply put, the more body color a diamond has, the more color that you will be able to notice. There are factors such as setting, style, color of mounting, and florescence that affect body color, but come in and let one of our trained sales professionals explain that in person (with examples!!) 

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If you’re looking for the perfect cut Round Diamond, this is it. However, here at Hoover’s we only will bring in diamonds that are very well, to ideal cut in style. The better a diamond is cut, the more sparkle or brilliance it will show. What girl doesn’t want a sparkly diamond? Diamonds can be cut too shallow or too deep. This is results in loss of light through the sides or the bottom of the diamond, which takes away from it’s natural beauty. Below, are some images that show the aspects of how a diamond’s cut will reflect through the stone.

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The clarity of a diamond is a controversial issue in some areas. At Hoover’s, we like to look at inclusions like they’re birth marks. They’re things within a diamond that help to identify it.



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